Features & Subscription Plans


Develop video driven courses through an easy to use UI. Create chapters/sections/assessments, with text, images, and video (mp4, mov, ogv, webm). Add course materials for Learner download; (.doc) or (.docx) or (.xls) or (.xlsx) or (.pdf) or (.ppt) or (.ppsx) or (.pptx).

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Add an assessment for each chapter, section, or as a cumulative final assessment for a course to measure learner results. Add single or multiple choice questions, timed question/answer assessments, answer based videos; mark a video timeline to run for an assessment question referencing the answer. Utilize assessments to measure learner results.

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Send in course communications, Institute to Instructor, Instructor to Learner, Learner to Instructor. Learners are able to send in course communication direct to their instructor. Institutes, and Instructors are able to post messages to the Calendar, initiating an email, notification on calendar, toolbar.

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Course ID Cards

Upon a course completion, Learners are able to hold digital ID's. Eliminate the requirement for expensive card software, and print directly to a card device; e.g. DataCard, Zebra, Evolis. Industry standard identification cards; digital e-cards, digital ID's.

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Learner leaderboard

Create your own levels, point system, and badges. The Learner leaderboard, point system, and badges reward Learner activity, creating engagement. A built in point system is based on the Learners' activity, progress.

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Brand the learning experience, providing a consistent, familiar, immersive learning solution. Add a company logo, text, header images, color schemes, for Instructor, Marketer, Learner, and Custodian dashboards.

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Course Certificates

Create and personalize course certificates for Learners. A course completion certificate template is provided; modify with graphics, color scheme, and fonts.

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Dynamic Reporting

Easy to use, one click report printing. Track Learners progress in real-time with percentage, number of users passing an assessment, who is currently online, materials downloaded.

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Sell courses direct utilizing a unique course url. Create categories, catalogs with free courses or paid courses; Learner self-enroll. Track all course sales through the Institute dashboard.

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Create Learner calendar announcements, which generate an email, and attach course documents, course materials; (.doc) or (.docx) or (.xls) or (.xlsx) or (.csv) or (.pdf) or (.ppt) or (.ppsx) or (.pptx).

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Multiple Languages

Develop your courses using the native language for an audience; e.g. Chinese (Simplified), Dutch, English, French, Japanese, Portuguese, or Spanish. Choose a language preference under "My Profile". For courses, choose the language when creating a course, and type, or paste a native language within the text editor, while building a course.

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Create Instructor led, Blended, or Micro learning classrooms; select the appropriate course type from the dropdown list, when creating the course.

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Add multiple locations, grouping Instructors through locations; e.g. for each office, campus, remote work site.

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User Roles

There are customized dashboards for each role; Institutes (Admin), Instructors, Marketers, Learners, Custodian - Parental (monitor Learner performance, communicate with Institute/Instructor). Import Instructors, and Learners, for auto enroll, self enroll.

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Media Library

Upload images, and video (mp4, mov, ogv, webm) through drag and drop functionality. Connect a Youtube account to add video content from youtube playlist(s) as course video. However, YouTube requires an account approval request, prior to allowing video content to be used within the Shift LMS Inc. Application.

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Email Marketing

Create responsive email templates, email recipient lists, or bulk import email recipients into a list, and customize data fields for personalized email messages. Schedule email campaigns as daily, weekly, or monthly drip campaigns, and track email messages; e.g. country, deliverables, unsubscribes.

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Learner Surveys

Survey Learners to improve the course, the learning experience, increasing retention. Automatically pull learners into a group, as the audience for a survey. Add a unique url to announce a survey through a survey email campaign.

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Track And Audit

Audit staff activity, monitor changes, download pdf reports, and know who edited what, why, where, and when. Pdf audit reports, document the organizations communications; email, survey activities.

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A Learning Platform; cloud-based, easy-to-use, fully managed, mobile-friendly, responsive, scalable, and secure.




  • Unlimited Learners
  • $12500.00
  • Sign up

No credit card required, Zero Obligation, Zero Risk. All Subscription Plans are for a period of one month; pro-rated billing, cancel any time.

Standard Professional Enterprise


Blended Learning courses
Instructor led courses
Micro Learning courses
Self-paced courses
Instructor On-boarding
Learner Self-enroll
Learner Auto-enroll
Institute content authoring
Instructor content authoring
Automated 30-60-90 day email drips
Graphical Catalogs
Course versioning
Course copy
Course prerequisites
Track Progress
Custom certificates of completion

User Experience

Graphical Dashboards
Easy-to-use UI, intuitive
Responsive design supports all devices
Profile pictures
Multi language support
Unlimited Storage
Max file upload size 1GB 1GB 1GB
Allowed video file types mp4, ogv, mov, webm
Allowed image file types gif, jpg, png


Institute - Admin
Custodian - Parental


Custom course URL's
Custom survey URL's
Custom Role Dashboards
Custom Logo
Custom color scheme
Custom CSS
Custom responsive email drip campaigns
Custom badges
Custom badge levels
Custom course certificates


Custom badges
Set badge levels
Create point system
Learner leaderboard
Automated point delivery


Single/multiple choice questions
Assessment versioning
Learner assessment review
Timeline queued video review answers


Upload/Download Assignments
Letter Grading
Percentage Grading
Event Calendar Posting
Assignment Email Notification

Analytics and Reporting

Performance Report
Canned reports

Marketing and Communication

Built-in Responsive email marketing
Responsive email templates
Schedule Drip Campaigns
Custom Learner surveys
Learner Self-enroll
Learner Auto-enroll
Learner course queries
Learner on-boarding
Instructor on-boarding
Post/send course announcements
Post/send course materials
Automated system messages


Sell courses
Custom Course URL
Stripe Payment Gateway
PCI compliant
Digital Media


Stripe Payment Gateway
YouTube Studio
YouTube Creator Studio Classic
YouTube Account (playlists)
YouTube URL's
AWS Sumerian AR, VR, 3D Project URL's
Jitsi Meet Video Conferencing URL's


256-Bit Encryption
Network firewalls
Web application firewall
DDoS automatic response
Internal/External Monitoring and Logging
Penetration Testing
Courses served over HTTPS
Encrypted URLs


Unlimited Instructor archiving
Unlimited Learner archiving
Unlimited Video Storage
Unlimited Image Storage
Max file upload size 1GB 1GB 1GB


On-site and off-site data backup
Export LMS records for backup